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To love and be loved by someone is everything. ♥♥♥

♥ live.love.laugh ♥

hi there!

my name is Violet ツ

I am who I am. I'm pretty normal. I'm not perfect. I run into things, I trip, I spill food, I say stupid things. But thats just me ღ.
This is like my sweet escape to the real world. I ♥ food, vintage, cute stuffs, colorful things, pink, purple, clothes, fashion, quotes, random images & anything that catches my eye. ♥♥♥

feel free to visit this page as many times as you like.
enjoy as much as i do..


Disclaimer: I do not own all of the photos posted herein. The photos are credited to their respectful owners. If you find your work and was not credited, please contact me. ツ

from Japan with love. thankyouu lalabs. 😘😍🎌🍫📱

#vsco #vscoph #vscocam #photogrid @photogridorg
took the oppurtuniy to have a picture with the boss/birthday celebrant. we had an epic night from food & booze & laughters & stories.. thanks boss!! 

shoutout to miss milds’ samsung S5 that knows what to blur. amazinggg. haha
the boss found his cake too cute he couldn’t resist taking pictures of it before blowing. hahaha 🎂🎂🎂

#homemade #birthday #cake #latepost
happiest birthday to the boss who’s voice trembles each neuron of our bodies. who creates the craziest policies. but yes the coolest and kindest one. ツ

p.s:  i hope you still don’t have an Instagram or a Facebook account sir. hahaha  ✌✌✌
comfort over fashion. always. ✌♡☆ #rainythursday #shoeselfie #vscocam #vscoph #vsco #igersph #happyfeet
i don’t know how a wated person feels. i don’t even know if i wanted to try that feeling. yes, I’m that unlikely you know. but maybe someday, one day, when the need is right and the guts are there, i will and I’ll know. 

#senselessness #nonsensecaption #sorrynotsorry #humpday #wine #vsco #vscoph #vscocam  (at La Vie Parissiene)
you know yourself better than anyone else. never allow them to put you down. chin up girl! ツ
busy na kaayu mos inyung life. wa mo mingawa nako? T.T

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