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To love and be loved by someone is everything. ♥♥♥

♥ live.love.laugh ♥

hi there!

my name is Violet ツ

I am who I am. I'm pretty normal. I'm not perfect. I run into things, I trip, I spill food, I say stupid things. But thats just me ღ.
This is like my sweet escape to the real world. I ♥ food, vintage, cute stuffs, colorful things, pink, purple, clothes, fashion, quotes, random images & anything that catches my eye. ♥♥♥

feel free to visit this page as many times as you like.
enjoy as much as i do..


Disclaimer: I do not own all of the photos posted herein. The photos are credited to their respectful owners. If you find your work and was not credited, please contact me. ツ

i don’t know how a wated person feels. i don’t even know if i wanted to try that feeling. yes, I’m that unlikely you know. but maybe someday, one day, when the need is right and the guts are there, i will and I’ll know. 

#senselessness #nonsensecaption #sorrynotsorry #humpday #wine #vsco #vscoph #vscocam  (at La Vie Parissiene)
you know yourself better than anyone else. never allow them to put you down. chin up girl! ツ
busy na kaayu mos inyung life. wa mo mingawa nako? T.T

(insert @ledzstagram & @kimoipossible && xempre @rynzco)
i have a weird tastebud my friends often say. let’s say for milktea perhaps, i don’t want it sweet i want it blunt. i want a green tea too, not those fruit teas. and the list goes on.. :)  (at Happy Lemon Ayala Cebu)
Sundays are the type of day wherin you can wake up late, take a late or rather no bath at all, read books, watch movies, sleep and just be lazyyy. ohhh weekends how can you be so short.
giving it a try.. yay or nay? mmm i felt weird walking with them though. :3 haha 

#thursday #ootd #sunnyday #shoes
pampagising sa natutulog kong diwa. 🍦 #icecream #Popsicles #humpday
biggest toblerone i had! wooahhhh. :3 malipay jud maayu ako manghod ani. haha thank youuu!! ツ
thay feeling na mapuno na imu alkansiya. yaaayyy. mapreso ba kaha ko ani kay gahoard kos tag10peso coin nu. waahh. haha ngsave ko for something i just don’t know what that something is. haha  #happykid