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To love and be loved by someone is everything. ♥♥♥

♥ live.love.laugh ♥

hi there!

my name is Violet ツ

I am who I am. I'm pretty normal. I'm not perfect. I run into things, I trip, I spill food, I say stupid things. But thats just me ღ.
This is like my sweet escape to the real world. I ♥ food, vintage, cute stuffs, colorful things, pink, purple, clothes, fashion, quotes, random images & anything that catches my eye. ♥♥♥

feel free to visit this page as many times as you like.
enjoy as much as i do..


Disclaimer: I do not own all of the photos posted herein. The photos are credited to their respectful owners. If you find your work and was not credited, please contact me. ツ

quality time with the fambam. :)
malago. 😉😊ت
blurred. pixelated. but complete. ♡ #ohana #love
tagay all the waaayyy. O.o #goodfriday #vacation
brrrrr. hii!! (dako nakog bukton) hahaha  (at Kawasan Falls, Badian)
and i love you for countless reasons why. ∞
it’s blood extracting day today.
hi! uhmm. i forget your name. can i call you mine? boom! nyek!!  hahaha. ✌ 😜
they say you’re never too old to learn. swimming lessons!! hahaha ✌🏊 (at Lambug Beach, Badian)